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Tips for Avoiding Emotional Eating Over the Holidays

Holiday season is coming which means the sweet treats will be coming our way too!

For most Americans, that means eating – lots of eating – followed by weight gain and a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. The good news is you don’t have to. You can still enjoy your favorite occasional indulgences, but in moderation. It’s all about being mindful of what you eat..

The holidays are packed with stress, and we all know the easiest, safest, most affordable place to relieve that stress is indulging into halloween candy, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, a box of Christmas cookies, and lots and lots of red wine. If you’re prepared with some action items, it’s possible to not get trapped into emotional eating even during the holidays — or at least try not to.

But the more we give in to the patterns of emotional eating, the deeper our pain gets, especially for those of us who are intolerant to sugar, gluten, dairy, and alcohol — which includes lots of people who struggle with chronic depression and anxiety.

Here are a few ways you can avoid turning to food for comfort and exercise discipline during this self-indulgent season of the year.

1. Stay hydrated

Your body is composed of over 70% of water, so it’s important to stay well hydrated. Also, thirst doesn’t appear like thirst straight away. You will first feel mild hunger before feeling thirsty. That’s why it’s important to drink a lot of clean filtered water.

2. Stick with your healthy morning routine

If you stick with your healthy habits in the morning, your digestion will be better and you will feel great all the time. Start your days with an exercise, even if you can only fit in 30 minutes every day. That way you won't be feeling guilty through out the day you haven't completed a work out. A cup of hot water with a dash of fresh lemon juice upon waking up to help cleanse your body is great for your immune system. Then have as many green juices as you wish throughout the day. This will help your body to detoxify and get nourished.

3. Nibble on Dark Chocolate in the Morning

Dark chocolate often satiates the urge to engage in addictive behavior for a few reasons:

First, it has one of the highest concentrations of magnesium in a