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Try out these Good Mood Food Recipes!

DID YOU KNOW? — According to ancient wisdom, the “doctrine of signatures” suggests that foods that look like a body part are medicine for that organ. Did you notice how a walnut looks like our brain and eating just a handful daily improves memory and brain power! But of course modern science has enough research done today to refute some of the claims made in the doctrine. Thankfully, Walnuts, if you are not allergic to them, are a super food for nourishing a super brain.

I am including some recipes here with walnuts to enjoy over the holidays. Raw nuts and seeds are an excellent source of protein and brain healthy fats. Soaking them for 7-10 hours prior to consuming makes them more digestible and removes some of the Phytates in their skin. You can drain them and dry them left open on a tray or use a dehydrator if you have one. Lightly toast if snacking on them although raw is most nutritious.

NUT GRANOLA - Eat it for breakfast or carry it on a hike or stash it in your office desk for a quick brain boost !

1 cup Walnuts

1 cup Almonds

1/2 cup Cashews

1 cup mixed Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds

1/4 cup Sesame Seeds

1/4 cup Flax Seeds

1/4 cup Maca Root Powder

3/4 cup Dried Cranberries or Currants

2/3 cup Coconut oil

1/2 - 3/4 cup Maple Syrup

1 Tbsp Cinnamon Powder

1 Tsp Nutmeg powder

1/2 Tsp Sea Salt

Pre heat the oven to 325F

In a large bowl of the food processor mix all nuts and pulse 3-4 times to break the larger nuts.