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Lymphedema therapy

Lymphedema Providers at Lifequal:

Here at Lymphedema Solutions Nw I instill these five basic concepts and customized management protocols to each and every patient.  


  • Identify and re-route the fluid to areas where the lymph nodes are working, typically referred to as decongestion, through the implementation of manual lymph drainage or lymphatic massage.

  • Incorporate unique lymphatic bandaging within the affected areas to reduce the swelling and to prepare the patient for compression garments. 

  • Proper customized instruction and training of specialized exercises to activate lymphatic system to process the lymph fluid more accordingly. 

  • Evaluation and overall recommendation of properly fitted compression garments for the affected areas that fit around your lifestyle.

  • Creating, teaching and discovering a sense of well being for you and your new lifestyle through proper lymphedema management protocols. 

What we offer:

  • Full evaluation and treatment.

  • Solutions for managing lymphedema 

  • Large variety of lymphedema garments, we will assist in choosing the right style of compression garment for your abilities and in some cases do the measurement assuring proper fit of garment.

  • Private pay and insurance billing option.

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