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"From good things I’ve learned to be a thankful person.  From the bad things, I’ve learned to be a strong person."

Kathe Hotz, otr/l clt.

Kathe has  over 20 years experience as an occupational therapist. She worked at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit with head injuries, strokes, spinal cord and burn injuries. After 15 years of inpatient rehab and needing a change she moved to England and worked in a large inner city hospital managing 7 staff members in the stroke and rehabilitation center with exposure to new cultures.  


After returning from England, Kathe became a certified lymphedema therapist which she loves.  She now operates her own business Lymphedema Solutions NW. She sees ages 6 months to 93 years old who are learning to manage lymphedema for various reasons. Some people are born with lymphedema, some have it from cancer treatments, infections and lipedema which an abnormal fat accumulation mostly on the lower half of the body causing swelling and immobility.  


When she gets free time she spends time with her dogs, improving her photography skills, traveling and gardening.

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