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Imagine a health center that isn't just an array of healthcare options, but a truly integrative center where practitioners work together on a treatment plan built specifically for each individual. LifeQual practioners combine knowledge and experience to offer you exceptional care, the most appropriate modalites for your case, and holistic support on your way to optimal health.



Our goal at LifeQual to provide patients with unmatched healthcare, and serve as a center for education - offering lectures and seminars for both health care providers and the general public.



Inside our doors, you'll not only find a wealth of healthcare knowledge and treatment options, but also a community of people who support you. We aim to provide regular community events, bringing together care providers, neighboring businesses, and the public. LifeQual is your home away from home.




At LifeQual, we believe in treating the person on all levels: physically, mentally, and spiritually. At our center, you will find a variety of health practitioners to support your healthcare goals. Additionally, you can find classes, support groups, and events. We offer yoga, meditation, and numerous seminars and workshops to enrich your spirit, and soothe your soul. 





In addition to our commitment to our local community, at LifeQual we also strive to connect with the global community.  To start, that means we give back to both local and global nonprofits.  In the future we intend to develop lasting relationships in the world of international healthcare.

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