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Diet linked with Anxiety & Depression


Yes it's true — What you eat matters! It is not only responsible for making you gain weight or loose it but the food you intake controls every function in your body. What you eat nourishes your body and your brain & provides it with the nutrients needed for proper function. Many amongst us experience regular symptoms like low energy, extreme cravings, brain fog and “tummy troubles”. These symptoms have a direct impact on your mental health and emotions. Know anyone who is having these symptoms all the time and yet has a smile on their face or are not irritable? If left unchecked they grow into something more pronounced like anxiety and depression.

Take a look at some of the different body systems and see how they relate to your mental health:

DIGESTION : Your digestive system is directly connected to your brain via the vagus nerve and it is a two way street. When functioning optimally the brain sends signals to the stomach & in return the stomach produces up to 90% of the serotonin for your brain to keep you happy and vibrant. That is why it is said “All disease begin in the gut.”

ENERGY : Your energy determines how you feel everyday. If because of poor dietary & lifestyle choices your adrenals or blood sugar are imbalanced it will seem like your moods are on a rollercoaster and you will feel tired, weak, and burned out.

HORMONES : Hormones are nothing but tiny protein molecules produced by your body with the nutrients you provide through the foods you eat. When chronically deficient your hormones can go out of balance and affect your moods.

As a nutritional therapist I dig deep to analyze your nutritional status, help you create a specific diet plan and recommend bio-nutraceutical supplementation to support your individual nutrient needs. When you heal distress in anyone of your body systems, your mood naturally improves too. Very often, the improvement is significant and long lasting.

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