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Body Scanning

The body scan is an essential tool for mindfulness healing. We focus our awareness slowly over the body, noticing any spots that are tense or hurting. Equally, we focus on what feels right and loose. The method is not to judge or make corrections, but just to simply become aware of the body’s current state.

Performing a body scan is simple. In a meditative posture, and after a nice round of breathing exercises, begin to focus your attention to the sensations of the body. First notice the ground or chair beneath you and then feel sky above you.

Now relax and loosen focus. Place that loose focus gently on the crown of the head become aware of how the brain and the emotions feel. Slowly and gently move the focus to the face, relaxing any found tension.

Into the jaw, the neck, the shoulders, and continue scanning all the way down the body. We can focus in a way that makes us more aware of our anatomy by sensing the bones, muscles, and circulatory systems. With a knowledge of the basic systems of anatomy, this exercise paints a fuller picture, but even without, we can achieve a good idea of what the body is doing.

The body scan can be repeated for as long as feels comfortable, but remember to go slow at first and not make any major adjustments just yet.

Sometimes when we scan over a tense area, the body tends to loosen automatically; this is fine. When finished body scanning, we can begin working on focused breathing to direct healing into the tension or begin a yoga practice now aware of any trapped energy.

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