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jacque Gaffney

Licensed esthetician with 4 certifications in Classic Lash Extensions, Volume Lash Extensions, Lash Lifting and PCA Skin Care


I am often asked by new clients about how Trifecta came to be. Before Trifecta, I was a mom. It’s my number one job and the thing in my life that I love most. When I went from a mother of one to a mother of two in only 15 months, simplicity in my daily routine became a non-negotiable. Getting lash extensions and a skin care regimen, that allowed for no make-up, made my mornings so much easier! I wanted to share this new found knowledge with everyone. I became so passionate about my lashes, why not learn to do them myself?

I went back to school and graduated from the Esthetics program at Bella Institute. As I went through the program, I had the opportunity to grow my expertise in skincare, facials, and waxing as well. What started as an interest in lashes became a trifecta of lashes, waxing, and chemical peels. 

My goal has always been to help other women feel great about themselves and help create low-maintenance beauty routines. My hope is that I am able to tailor the experience to each person's style, and goals, so that everyone leaves me feeling better than they did when they walked through the door. 

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