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Vanessa therson, lpc

Life can present us with obstacles that are overwhelming and difficult. In these moments we may need support so that we can make changes that enable us to move forward. I work with individuals and families to grow through challenges and crisis so they feel better equipped to cope with future difficulties. I strive to create an environment where your concerns are heard and it is safe to explore some of the causes of complex and challenging emotions. I enjoy working with youth and their families to create individualized treatment plans that foster positive growth.

have 13 years of clinical experience working with children, teens and young adults in different settings including residential treatment, outpatient therapy and as a clinical care coordinator. I utilize a number of evidence-based therapy approaches including CBT, DBT and ACT. Within family-based work, I frequently utilize the CPS model.

I believe that change is possible and can occur in a variety of different ways. Therapist fit is important so feel free to reach out to see if I can support you on your mental health goals.

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