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Kai rodgers, LMT.


Having a chiropractor as a close family friend growing up taught Kai the importance of regular

bodywork. Because of that, they enrolled in massage therapy school before even finishing high


Since obtaining their license to practice massage in 2010, Kai has worked in high end spas and

various medical offices refining their skills in assessing the body and addressing the various

tension patterns that arise.

For 4 years in Houston, TX, Kai owned a thriving practice focusing on post surgical care,

professional opera singers, and assisting with the Houston Astros maintenance care. Kai also

assisted in writing published clinical massage protocols for clients with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In 2015, they shifted their focus to teaching in massage therapy

schools and yoga teacher trainings until moving to Oregon in 2021.

Since the pandemic started, Kai Co-founded a Diversity and Inclusion training company called

Transforming Wellness where they, with a team of Massage Therapists, Psychotherapists, and

Yoga Therapists, offer trauma informed trainings for medical providers, touch based therapies,

and yoga teachers through the lens of polyvagal theory and intersectionality.

Since moving to Oregon, Kai has shifted their focus to maintaining a practice based on helping

people move through chronic pain and employing nervous system resilience techniques using the

therapeutic applications of yoga, pranyama, and embodiment techniques. They have also started

a mentorship program within their business to help newer massage therapist and massage

students to have a successful and long lasting career that is both personally and financially


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