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candice guertin, MFT.

Candice Guertin is an MFT (Marriage and Family Therapy) Registered Associate. She wholeheartedly believes the mind and body need to be integrated for healing to occur. Additionally, Candice is a certified yoga instructor and somatic therapist who has received training in mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork. She has extensive experience working with children and teens in mental health day treatment and outpatient settings. Her speciality is helping individuals connect with their bodies to gain a better understanding of their feelings and be able to advocate for their needs. She believes that through this process individuals can respond instead of react to what life presents. “Balance in the body is the foundation for balance in life” B.K.S. Iyengar


1975 NW 167th Place, Suite #100 Beaverton OR 97006

Tel:  503.531.9355


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