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BREANA EVANS, ma, lpc.

 firmly believe that each and every one of us does the best we can. I work with adults, teens, youth and families. I approach teens and youth just as I do adults, in a respectful, supportive, and understanding manner. I work to understand the root of the "problem," so healing may begin. I specialize in trauma, skills training, parent training, anxiety, and depression. For 12 years I worked at an inpatient setting with emotionally disturbed youth and their families. I have educated myself in a multitude of treatment modalities in order to meet each client where they are at.

I've worked with many youth and teens whose history of problems has roots in experiences such as abuse, loss (death of a family member or loss of family of origin through other circumstances), abandonment, witnessing domestic violence, and family changes such as divorce.

I always look forward to working with adults, youth, teens, and families to explore and identify new methods that might improve their mental and physical well-being. I believe that all is within reach when one has support and takes one step at a time.

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