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ACT workshop

Testimonials from colleagues

"Vijay is one of the most thorough, thoughtful, and passionate ACT trainers I have ever seen. He leaves no stone unturned in an effort to make a difference, and yet he is careful and mindful of every step he takes. He is a real asset to our field and the community it serves."

Steven C. Hayes

Foundation Professor

Department of Psychology /298

University of Nevada Reno, NV 89557­0062

"I have known Vijay for nearly 10 years and have seldom encountered anyone so dedicated to their own training and to the training of others. Vijay's extensive background in mindfulness adds an important dimension to his approach to ACT. He brings a special gentle attention to his training efforts that will certainly benefit those he trains."


Kelly G. Wilson

205 Peabody Building

Psychology Department

University of Mississippi

Oxford, MS 38677

"Vijay authentically lives and breathes the ACT model. He is an inspiring example of how to live mindfully and act on your values in every area of life. You will undoubtedly find him to be warm, open, and compassionate; an inspiring teacher, a genuine human being, and an invaluable guide for the never-ending journey of life."


Dr Russ Harris, MD.

Author of 'The Happiness Trap'

"Spend a weekend in one of Vijay and Anne Shankar‛s workshops and you will meet people who are dedicated to disseminating the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in a personal and intimate setting and in a caring and deeply informative way. Prepare to be affected by the experience."


Hank Robb, Ph.D., ABPP

Board Certified in Behavioral & Cognitive Psychology

Board Certified in Counseling Psychology

"These workshops are an opportunity not only to learn a comprehensive overview of ACT, but to experience it in action. Vijay is passionate about living his values. He presents with centered integrity, generosity and compassion. The experiential pieces are deep, personal, respectful, and often life-changing. All of this is set in an atmosphere of warm hospitality, fun, caring, and good humor. I recommend the workshops to anyone who wants a well-rounded introduction to ACT as a practice."

Madelon Y. Bolling, PhD, Clinical Instructor

Department of Psychology 351525

University of Washington

Seattle, WA 98195­1525 

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