Naturopathic doctor at Lifequal:

Dr. Timothy Pfankuch

Naturopathic Physicians are licensed primary care physicians who utilize methods of healing that have a long tradition, coupled with up to date medical research. We also recognize that every one of us is unique and therefore each patient’s treatment plan is tailored just for them.


The following is just a partial list of the services we can provide, it is difficult to include everything we can do or offer, so if you are unsure please feel free to call and ask. I work primarily with teens, adult, and geriatric men and women.


Patient Centered Primary Care

General Wellness Exams

Women’s and Men’s Hormonal Health

Geriatric Health

Diabetes Management

Stress/Anxiety Management

Digestive Health

Dietary and Lifestyle Counseling

Weight loss Management

Skin issues


Respiratory issues


Fasting and Cleansing Programs

Minor Surgery


Services and treatment plans may include physical exams, blood testing, urine testing, lab testing, diagnostic imaging, botanical medicine, prescription medicine, homeopathic medicine, naturopathic spinal adjustment & other physical medicine procedures, allergy testing, dietary and nutritional supplementation, mind/body medicine, intra-muscular vitamin injections, neurotransmitter or genetic testing, etc.


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