dr. nadia deelhad, psy. d

I am a practical, solution focused, results oriented therapist who values deep exploration to help resolve current problems and long-standing patterns.

My passion is equipping people with the best tools to navigate and build on their individual strengths. I believe that it is never too early, or late, to begin the rewarding life journey of wellness and emotional health. My family motivates me to discover better ways to communicate, to better understand the people I love. I believe we are all motivated by love and a need to belong.

My background includes 20 years of experience in child psychology, clinical psychology and clinical hypnosis. I rely on an integrated approach utilizing Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relational Therapies, Clinical Hypnosis and Mindfulness based therapies to encourage clients of all ages to make lasting, positive changes.

I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and use this approach with couples. I am certified in Yoga Calm® and use this method to help increase self-regulation and develop self-calming skills. I have extensive training and certifications in the use of Clinical Hypnosis and use this to anchor feelings, address fears, and develop good habits.

I’ve experienced the privilege of working in Africa, Europe and Australia and have helped people from various cultural backgrounds deal with significant life transitions and challenges.

My ultimate goal is to help you and your partner realize the full potential of your relationship. Even the best relationships undergo times of stress, anger, moments of hopelessness and disconnect. 

  • Infidelity & Affair Recovery

  • Intimacy Challenges – Too many of us feel hurt, embarrassment, and shame because of misconceptions about what it means to be sexually healthy. EFT can help repair misconceptions, heal sexual wounds and open the doors to more meaningful, creative, and gratifying sex.

  • Communication Differences

  • Parenting & Family Struggles

  • Jealousy and Mistrust

  • Adult ADD and your Relationship


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