"Food is information, not just a source of energy or calories. It contains instructions that affect every biological function of your body"

Minal Rajan, Nutritional Therapist.

Minal Rajan is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who received her certification in June 2016 from the Nutritional Therapy Association in Olympia, WA. Upon graduation she had the unique opportunity to intern and learn from one of the most experienced Nutritional Therapists in the country where, she, under the guidance of a Naturopathic Oncologist, learnt about therapeutic diets and the role of specific nutrients in holistic integrative medicine for their clients. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Delhi University in 1993. 


In a world of quick fixes and symptomatic treatment Minal believes that there is no magic pill and that food is the real medicine that humans have had available from time immemorial. It is her understanding that most diseases begin in the gut and the imbalances and nutrient deficiencies are at the root cause of all modern day diseases and conditions. Minal uses a whole foods nutrient dense diet as the foundation of her practice, educating and empowering her clients with knowledge of using herbs and spices, techniques to properly prepare traditional foods, focusing on Quality versus Quantity. If you have been living with pain and chronic symptoms like indigestion, inflammation, food allergies and environmental sensitivities, auto immune conditions, thyroiditis or brain fog, low energy, fatigue and general lack of vitality ask Minal to assess you and recommend a dietary and lifestyle plan customized for you. 


Minal’s journey began in December of year 2012 when her husband’s job brought the family from India to Portland. Having barely unpacked their bags, Minal was faced with a challenging diagnosis of cancer and thus began her quest for understanding natural medicine, nutrition and alternative health care modalities. She attributes her survival as much to her diet as she does to her conventional medicine. At the very least the diet made her tolerate the harsh treatment much better. Motivated by her own experience and all the research surrounding nutrition and cancer she volunteered at the Taking Care Cancer Survivorship events and periodically holds food demonstrations and talks at the Cancer department of the Veterans Association Hospital in Portland. Besides helping with cancer clients, Minal pursues to understand the correlation between poor nutrition and the rise of mental illness in the world around her. She strives to make families with young adults learn how to use nutrition to alleviate signs of depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances and to make that the all important first step on their path to recovery. 


Minal, her husband and two teenage daughters & three cats live in NW Portland, where the girls attend high school. An avid cook and a compulsive foodie Minal & the family enjoy exploring cuisines from around the world, love taking beach holidays or walking the trails in the city. She has a passion for hand made ceramic pottery and hand woven textiles, and the Portland Saturday Market and Farmer’s Markets are her favorite places to hang out. She is looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health goals. 


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