Jennifer Zelen

I want to help all my clients, both business owners and individuals or
families, to have a full understanding of their finances, so that they can
achieve real goals in life, and live more comfortably and stress-free. I
like to teach rather than just consult, and build relationships in the

I am the founder of Jen's Small Business Solutions, Inc. and also Willamette
Daily Money Management LLC. I have an undergraduate degree in Corporate
Finance, and used my knowledge and skills initially to help family members
open several businesses, and then incorporated my business in 2010 to offer
financial services to similar companies in the Portland Metro area. In early
2018 I earned a Master of Science in Finance from the Portland State
University School of Business, greatly expanding my knowledge of accounting
and finance.

I work with part-time staff to ensure that we can always meet any and all
accounting and tax deadlines. Our services include setup of accounting
systems and software as well as specific industry software; bookkeeping,
bank and credit card reconciliations, payroll and related tax deposits and
reports, and creation and analysis of financial statements. I also teach
business owners how to use Quickbooks or other accounting systems in their
companies, if they prefer to do their own bookkeeping. I especially enjoy
working with business owners and managers to review financial statements and
interpret what the numbers mean for their business, which is the foundation
for achieving profitability, growth, or any other business goals my clients
have in mind. We work with clients on their schedule: our services are
perfect for solopreneurs who don't need a part-time bookkeeper, but do want
a clean set of books for the CPA at year end.

Through Willamette DMM, I offer daily money management to individuals and
families, which is a little like personal bookkeeping. By being a daily
money manager, I can help busy families keep track of their income and
expenses and better manage the financial side of their lives. While I do
refer out to CPAs and financial advisors for specific tax or retirement
advice, I can teach clients about budgeting, debt reduction, and other good
financial choices that in turn help them lead more comfortable, stress-free
lives. Setting financial goals and achieving them means people getting
important things done in life. In addition, daily money management for
senior citizens can support them in staying independent and aging in place-
having someone to help monitor their bank and credit accounts and prevent
elder fraud can mean all the difference. I am a member of the American
Association of Daily Money Managers and participate in continuing education

In my spare time, I can be found outside- running, hiking, camping, skiing-
enjoying these and other activities with my family and our two dogs (except
that they don't ski). I quite literally believe in making the world better
each day, and support a number of non-profits in the areas of women's
business ownership and empowerment, the environment, and youth education in
Portland and abroad.


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