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Ben Burton DO

Diagnostic Medicine

I went to medical school at AT Still School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona where I gravitated toward family medicine because it gave me a chance to explore every aspect of medicine. I also studied osteopathic manipulation which I currently enjoy using to treat patients. I did my Family Medicine Residency in the heart of Las Vegas where I worked with patients from all over the world.


During my residency I realized my career will be a journey. I have a chance to explore, learn, and bring people with me on this journey. I am excited about emerging medicine and strive to stay current and open minded about all the different paths to health.


While working in several healthcare settings, I observed many patients struggling on their health journey. One reason for this may be that the providers in these situations don’t have the freedom or flexibility to explore options to resolve health issues that don't fit mainstream diagnoses. I am willing to help identify and overcome obstacles for people who are experiencing these difficulties.


I decided to branch out and become an independent physician so I can take time to work with those who have medically undiagnosed symptoms and poorly managed or misunderstood syndromes. I can’t claim to be an expert on every symptom or disease but I can say this - I am committed to listen, be an ally, advocate, and research modalities to improve individuals' health. I am excited to be a partner in each person's healing experience.


1975 NW 167th Place, Suite #100 Beaverton OR 97006

Tel:  503.531.9355


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