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Balancing Women's 


Lifequal center Practitioners present:

Balancing women's well-being

on Saturday, March 16, 2019

from 10AM- 2PM

Join us in celebration of international women's day!

Meet the Healthcare professionals of lifequal center 

there will be brief practitioner highlights, free demos, free classes, as well as door prizes!

Presentations to be held in the auditorium:

Minal-Nutritional sSpport

Kathe-Venous Blood Flow
Tia- Movement and breath demonstration

Linda-Qigong demonstration

Julie- Women’s health from Chinese medicine perspective

Tayrn- Skin Care
Karen- The 3 essentials of optimal health
Kim- Strain Counterstrain
Jen-Balancing Money & Books

Demos that will be performed during the event:

Julie- Auricular ear seeds

Karen and Chelsi- Chair massage
Tayrn and her aesthetician associate- Skin Care

Vending during the event by practitioners at LifeQual

Minal-essential oil blends

Karen-NutraMetrix neutraceuticals

Tayrn-skin care products

Outside vendors with complimentary services or goods:

Jasmina Balogh, Kangan Water Enagic machine Distributor

Marilyn Froude, Certified Body Code Practitioner

Stephanie Young, Photographer
Mom Owned Business MOB Alliance

For more information, contact Karen at:

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